Here are a few things you might be asking – before you use our contact form, please see below.

Q:   So you really can’t get my files back?? They were so important!
A:   Sorry, no. We gave members 6 full weeks to back up. Besides, you should *always* keep copies of your files on your computer, an external hard drive, etc. We feel for you, but there’s nothing we can do.

Q:   Can I keep my CWahi address? I really still want to be (me).cwahi.net!
A:   Nope. The CWahi hosting service is no longer operational, and that means your account is no longer there. However, see below…

Q:   But so many people are going to be looking for my site! What can I do??
A:   No problem! We CAN help with that! What you need to do is sign up for our CWahi-Special (created just for CWahi members), which is only $12US per year. Note that this account does NOT include a domain name, which you will require for the account. You can purchase that from Crosswinds, or find another domain registrar – it’s up to you.

Q:   Will you forward my old URL to another website somewhere?
A:   Nope.

Q:   Can I still have my CWahi email address?
A:   YES! If you only used CWahi for the email address, we can create the same email address for you again on the new server. The cost for this is only $6 per year, with 100GB storage. The accounts will be rate-limited to prevent spamming, so if you are looking to do any mass mailing, this is not the service for you. Also, anyone caught spamming or attempting to spam will be terminated without notice.

Q:   Why are you so MEAN?
A:   Aw. We’re not mean. We’re parents who need to make sure we can feed our kids instead of supporting a service that actually costs us money rather than pays us. Look, this is the best we can do – Email Only is $6 per year, which works out to less than 2 cents per day, and $12 per year for a hosting account is just $1 per month, or just 3 cents per day. If you also buy your domain from us it’s more like 6 cents per day. You can do it.

Q:   Will you allow *anything* on the new site? Like, what if it’s not totally legal? I AM paying for it now, after all.
A:   You already know the answer to that. No way. Keep it legal, keep it decent, or kiss it goodbye – we reserve the right to terminate sites found with illegal content without notice, at our own discretion. By the way… if we find any abuse of children in your account, all bets are off. Don’t even think about it.

Q:   What if I have a BIG website? 1GB won’t cut it.
A:   You might be interested in our unlimited CW One account – you can find that here.